Current Shire Officers 

Officers are volunteers who help to make things happen in the Shire. 

2021 Officers of Arrow's Flight

We need your help! 

The Shire is looking for the following officers:
Deputy Seneschal
Deputy Exchequer
Deputy Knight Marshal

Local group officers within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) play vital roles in maintaining the organization's activities, fostering community engagement, and ensuring the smooth operation of local branches. These officers, elected or appointed by their respective groups, serve in various administrative, leadership, and coordination capacities. Here's a breakdown of the roles and responsibilities typically held by local group officers in the SCA:

1. **Seneschal:**

   The Seneschal serves as the chief administrative officer of the local SCA group. Their responsibilities include overseeing group activities, coordinating with higher-level SCA officials, and ensuring compliance with SCA rules and regulations. The Seneschal also presides over group meetings, maintains official records, and acts as the primary liaison between the local group and the broader SCA organization.

2. **Exchequer:**

   The Exchequer is responsible for managing the group's finances, including budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting. They collect membership dues, event fees, and other revenue, and maintain accurate records of income and expenses. The Exchequer also prepares financial statements, submits required reports to the SCA, and ensures compliance with financial policies and procedures.

3. **Herald:**

   The Herald oversees matters related to heraldry, names, and armory within the local SCA group. They assist members with the registration and display of personal heraldic devices, badges, and names. The Herald also helps organize heraldic ceremonies, announcements, and other activities related to the display and recognition of heraldic symbols and achievements.

4. **Marshal:**

   The Marshal is responsible for overseeing combat activities, safety protocols, and training within the local SCA group. They ensure that participants adhere to SCA combat rules and regulations, conduct safety inspections of weapons and armor, and provide guidance and instruction to combatants. The Marshal also organizes tournaments, practices, and other martial activities, promoting the safe and responsible practice of historical combat techniques.

5. **Chronicler:**

   The Chronicler is responsible for managing communications and publications within the local SCA group. They produce and distribute newsletters, event announcements, and other written materials to keep members informed and engaged. The Chronicler also maintains archives of group publications, manages mailing lists, and facilitates communication between group members and the broader SCA community.

6. **Chatelaine/Hospitaler:**

   The Chatelaine, also known as the Hospitaler in some groups, serves as the welcoming and outreach officer of the local SCA group. They assist newcomers in integrating into the organization, provide information about SCA activities and customs, and facilitate introductions to other members. The Chatelaine also coordinates demonstrations, public outreach events, and educational activities to promote awareness of the SCA within the local community.

7. **Arts and Sciences Officer:**

   The Arts and Sciences Officer promotes the study and practice of medieval arts, crafts, and sciences within the local SCA group. They organize workshops, classes, and competitions to encourage members to explore diverse historical disciplines, such as cooking, brewing, weaving, and calligraphy. The Arts and Sciences Officer also provides resources, guidance, and support to members interested in pursuing their creative interests.

These local group officers work collaboratively to foster a welcoming, inclusive, and vibrant community within the SCA, promoting the organization's values of chivalry, honor, and historical authenticity. Through their dedication and leadership, they help ensure that SCA groups thrive and continue to inspire passion for medieval history and culture.