Toys for Tots 

Arrow's Flight's signature event. Each fall we come together and collect toys to help support the Marine Corps annual toy drive. We hold some of the last tournaments of the year before the winter snows set in.

Toys for Tots 2022 

You have perhaps heard of the untimely death of the Marquis Beau de Corps? A wake is being held in his honor on the 12th of November in the Shire of Arrow's Flight. The macabre entombment festivities include; tournaments of armored and rapier fighters, a competition display of artisans, and dirge-filled midday bardic. It is said in lieu of flowers, mourners should bring toys to donate to the Toys for Tots drive, which was a favorite of his late lordship. However, it is rumored that his assassin will also be present at the solemnities. Perhaps you can discover who inhumed the Marquis? Join the Shire for a day of mystery as we look for a CLUE to who did in De Corps. 


Spend the day looking for clues at the Shire's Toys for Tots drive. We'll be collecting toys for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program. Last year we raised over $3000 online and gathered more than 600 toys. We can top that. As part of the day, we'll be playing Clue, and you and your fellow attendees will receive clues to see if they can solve who murdered the Marquis. There is a reward if you can solve the murder before anyone else. An additional 100 toys will be added to your group's total, so it's a race to see who did it. Clues will not only be handed at the gate. Clues can also be found throughout the site and by doing various activities during the event, including attending classes, watching tournaments, and voting for shire champions in both the bardic and A&S completion. We are always competing to see who the most generous group in the Kingdom is, and donations will be accepted both online and in person. The group with the highest count will be declared most generous in Artemisia and get to display the banner of generosity for the following year. We hope you'll join us.

Toys for Tots will take place at the Historic Peteetneet School and Museum in Payson, Utah. 10 N 600 E, Payson, UT 84651


Site opens at 9 AM and Closes at 8 PM

Directions: Make your ways to the King's Highway ( I-15) and take Payson exit 250. Travel South to 100 North and turn left (East) Traveling to 600 East. Turn right (South) the Peteetneet School is on your Right. The event will be in the auditorium. Look for the signs.

Adults $10 (+$5 Non-member Surcharge Fee)

Children 17 and Younger are guests of the Shire. 

The site is dry and only service animals are allowed.

A Soup Lunch will be available for $5 per person. The soup lunch Includes a selection of Soups, bread or chips, and soda or water.

Event Steward: Annis De Provence (Heather Schenck)



Donate online to Toys For Tots here: 

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